Improve Household WASH conditions for war affected families in the Gaza Strip

The project aims at improving the WASH facilities at 815 war-affected households in 20 locations in Gaza Strip to make sure that the access of nearly 4882 inhabitants of which 1252 are women to essential wash services is improved. The number of beneficiaries in each location can be summarized as follows: Al Buraij Camp - 225, Al Maghazi Camp 316, Al Musaddar - 90, Wadi El Salqa-270, Deir El Balah-180, Gaza area- 1121, Al Mughraqa - 180. Juhr Eddik-180, Al Qarya El Badawiya-270, Beit Hanoun-450, Beit Lahia-225, Abasan Al Jadida- 67, Abasan al Kabira-90, Al Fukhari-180, Al Qarara-136, Bani Suhaila-90, Khuza'a-90, Shokat Assoufi-316 and Rafah-316. The project will install 1000 washbasin, 500 unit from each of the following items: Kitchen sink, modern toilet, squat toilet, shower mixer and washbasin mixer. In addition, it will install 2000 water tap and 815 HDPE water tank of 1500 liters volume. The project will also target all beneficiaries in the target households to raise their awareness on the main public health and wash issues. The project will ensure that all target houses are properly disposing their sewage and that no spillover is occurring causing any public health risk to the inhabitants of the house as well as surrounding people. Also to ensure preventing environmental pollution to ensure no harm principle. The project aims to raise and promote the public health awareness among 815 households through conduct 27 workshops over all Gaza Strip and awareness materials distribution in partnership with RWDS and Yaboos.

Project Duration

12 Month

Starting Date

01 - 06 - 2018

Ending Date

01 - 06 - 2019

Project Status


Project Donor

the oPt Humanitarian Fund (oPt HF)

Project Partner

• Rural Women's Development Society (RWDS)
• Yaboos Charity Society

Project Location

Gaza Strip (Al Buraij Camp, Al Maghazi Camp, Al Nusirate Camp, Al Musaddar, Wadi El Salqa, Deir El Balah, Gaza area, Al Mughraqa, Juhr Eddik, Al Qarya El Badawiya, Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahia, Abasan Al Jadida, Abasan al Kabira, Al Fukhari, Al Qarara, Bani