Increasing access to water of poor vulnerable Bedouin households near Um Safa Community

The project is aiming at increasing the availability of water, augmenting storage
capacity,  and  increasing  access  of  poor  vulnerable Bedouin households near Um Safa Community, to water  through constructing  new  cisterns,  rehabilitating  non  functional  cisterns  and its catchments area,  water  tanking  and  raising  community  awareness  regarding water sanitation.

-    Basic water needs  of  30 beneficiaries are increased by 30%  through  increasing  their  water availability. 

-    Household's resilience to water  shortage  is  increased  through  greater  water  storage  capacity  to  respond  to  water shortage.

-    At least 3 rainwater harvesting cisterns for collecting and  storing  rainwater  are  rehabilitated  and /or  are constructed.

-    Water right of marginalized people is protected with emphasis on gender equality and women 's empowerment  in  household  water  and sanitation management. The  other  household  members  (children,  youth,  men,  disabled persons, and  elders)  have  improved  their  water  consumption  and  sanitation  practices  due  to  the increased amount of available water at their houses.

Project Duration

12 Months

Starting Date

01 - 11 - 2018

Ending Date

01 - 11 - 2019

Project Status


Project Donor

Osprey Foundation

Project Partner

West Bank

Project Location

Um Safa - Ramallah