Humanitarian action for improving the access of drinking water and the productive use of 43 people from the community of Ein Qiynia, Governorate of Ramallah, Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

The presented project is trying to minimizing the current need of water in the area of Ein Qiynia village, located in Occupied Palestinian Territories, through the installation of 3 tanks, with a capacity of 70m3 each one.

The humanitarian situation affecting to these communities is directly linked with their location in Area C, an area under Israeli military control, with the combination of a planning regime and a restrictive zoning, the settlements expansion and the violence from the settler Israeli have created a general insecurity situation and damaged living conditions to the indigenous population of the zone. 

This community is not connected to any water network. As well as, it has to be mentioned that the closer water springs is contaminated, the traditional source to this resource, located several kilometers from the center of the community. The origin of the contamination of this water comes from the residential area of Ramallah, where the water treatment plants pour the sewage water into the stream that flows down to the source of the Ein Qiynia zone. Because of the contaminated water, the people of this population are forced to take the drinking water transported by the tanks trucks, paying a high price for it, or taking contaminated water, provoking an increase of diseases registries in the zone.

The project is trying to be an alternative to the manual taking water from the spring, especially in hotter seasons, when the lack of water is real. With this intervention is intended to improve the hygiene conditions of the beneficiary families, to increase the quantity of the quality water available for domestic use; to reduce the family conflicts about the energetic and hydric resources distribution and reduce the diseases.

Once the project is finished, 43 people of the population of Ein Qinya will have a drinking water storage system available to their use in the hot season and shortage times. These tanks will be filled by picking rain water in the rainy season, or by another tanks already installed. As well as, it will be done several capacities to the beneficiary population, to give them the necessary knowledge about the tank maintenance. Finally, it will be done some test to check the water quality.

Project Duration

6 Months

Starting Date

16 - 05 - 2017

Ending Date

16 - 11 - 2017

Project Status


Project Donor

Ayuntamiento de Miranda de Ebro

Project Partner

Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz – ACPP

Project Location

Ein Qinya - Ramallah