Phase (II) “Deep preparation and improved response capacity to address the water shortages affecting Palestinian communities in the West Bank through increased effectiveness of civil society participation and institutions in the coordination and monitoring of water resources, water and sanitation”

There is currently a chronic and very marked crisis in access to water by Palestinian communities, especially those living in Area C, under Israeli administrative and military control following the Oslo (1993) agreements, with a scarce and unequal access to water resources, which continues to increase the vulnerability of many of these communities and families.
The project aims to improve the living conditions of the people of the West Bank through the availability of harmonized, up-to-date, complete and reliable data on access to water, resulting in better and more effective interventions in development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects. The project also aims to improve coordination and responsiveness between these actors, both governmental and international agencies, international and Palestinian organizations working in the water and sanitation sector in the West Bank, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). 
For this, the designed strategy consists of the following axes:
-    Joint management of the project through the coordination and harmonization of data monitoring group, which will be made up of technicians from ACPP, PHG, the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), the United Nations WASH Cluster (led by UNICEF) and Civil Society Organizations through the EWASH platform. 
-    Strengthen coordination and harmonize mechanisms for the study and dissemination of data on access and water quality among WASH sector development actors through the monitoring and harmonization of tools, gender training and the creation and presentation of the specific harmonized tool for data collection.
-    Implementation, systematization and presentation of a detailed, community-level, gender-sensitive study on access to quality water in 55 vulnerable communities.
-    Strengthen the responsiveness of Palestinian civil society organizations and their institutions, and their capacity to coordinate with other international actors in the WASH sector, through constant updating of information, establishment of a mechanism for actors to coordinate and training in the management of harmonized tools.

Project Duration

12 Months

Starting Date

18 - 03 - 2018

Ending Date

18 - 03 - 2019

Project Status


Project Donor

Ayuntamiento de Valencia

Project Location

55 Communities in Qalqiliya and Salfit Governments