Household gray water treatment in Restricted/Border areas (AR/BA) of the Gaza Strip

The rural areas are far away from sewer and central treatment plants Bani Suhaila suffer from lack of conventional sewerage system, the residents in Bani Suhaila depend mainly on cesspits or septic tanks for wastewater disposal, there are more than 2,500 Cesspits exist in Bani Suhaila , Where that gray water is about 55% of the domestic daily consumption, over flow of these cesspits cover the roads causing sever health and environmental problems especially for the children. Part of the wastewater is left to percolate into groundwater table especially at the initial stage of the cesspits use,Since the agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip consumes about 90 million cubic meters of water, extracted frommore than 6,000wells , using of treated water in agriculture irrigation reduces the pressure on the aquifer, which suffers from a deficit.
Objectives:To contribute to collect and treat of gray water Properly, effectively, and safely in areas where lack of sanitation system by onsite small scale treatment unit  and using the  treated effluent for irrigation purpose by drip method. Also, it contributes to promote public health and hygeic awareness among 135 families.

 The following is the specific objectives:
1-    Providing sufficient alternative for 135 families to prevent using household cesspits that negatively affect on public health especially children, public hygiene and groundwater .
2-    The collection, treatment of gray water in Bani Suhaila area where  lack of sanitation systems .
3-    Using treated water in agriculture irrigation to maintain the groundwater from shortage especially in presence climate change problem.
4-    Ensure monitoring of treated  gray water, using the recommendations set by WHO and Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) standards for agriculture irrigation.
5-    Hygienic promotion and health awareness in target area on how to operate and maintain the treatment system through workshops and brochures.
6-    The use of natural fertilizers (gray water containingthe basic elements ofsoil fertility and plant growth) and the reduction ofthe intensive use of chemical fertilizers

Project Duration

10 Months

Starting Date

01 - 08 - 2015

Ending Date

31 - 05 - 2016

Project Status


Project Donor

United Nations Development Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People UNDP / PAPP in Partnership with International Coca-Cola Company

Project Partner

• Municipality of Bani Suhaila

Project Location

Gaza Strip (Bani Suhaila East of Khanyounis and El Zana area)