Reducing Public Health and Environmental Pollution Risks through Solar Pumping of Selected Wastewater Pumping Stations in Gaza

The project aims at reducing the public health and environmental pollution risks that may occur as a result of wastewater flooding from wastewater pumping stations (PS) due to electricity failure or fuel run out, for nearly 34000 people of which 47% are women in five locations in Northern, middle and southern part of Gaza namely in Abu Moalla PS (An Nuseirat) and Al Zahra PS (Madinat Ezahra) in Deir Al-Balah governorate, Wadi Gaza PS (Juhor ad Dik) in Gaza governorate, Um Al-Nnaser (Al Qaraya al Badawiya) PS in the North Gaza governorate and UNDP housing PS in Rafah governorate, southern part of Gaza. Total number of beneficiaries in each location can be listed as follows: Abu Moalla 10000, Al Zahra 7000, Wadi Gaza 9000, Umm Al Naser 5000 and UNDP housing project 3000. Moreover, the project will indirectly benefiting all people in the target five locations through excess electric supply and also pollution prevention. The need of each pumping station is nearly vary from 14 - 25 KWh to operate 2-3 pumps at each station. However, it was recommended by both PWA and CMWU to install 30 KWh systems at each pumping stations to take into consideration any future expansion and also to ensure sufficient electricity supply under various climatic and efficiency conditions. Accordingly, the project will contribute by supplying and installing 750 solar panel, 750 galvanized mounting structure, 15 inverters 3 phase of 10 KW each, 5 electric panels, 1000 m of wiring and earthing cables, and accessories. Moreover, the project will contribute by doing the needed rehabilitation and wiring in the existing grid system connected to these pumping stations to maximize efficient electricity supply from the solar system. It will also provide capacity building for local municipal, CMWU and PWA staff (both male and female) on the operation and maintenance of installed solar system. It is good to mention that each one of the stations has also sufficient land area to install solar panels. It is proposed to install on grid solar system to be able to supply the excess electricity to the grid and contributing to improve electricity supply in the target locations as well. The project will also contribute to reduce operation cost of the pumping stations and reduce CO2 emission by nearly 300 kg / year and thus reduce climate change and preventing environmental pollution to ensure no harm principle.

Project Duration

8 Month

Starting Date

11 - 08 - 2018

Ending Date

07 - 07 - 2019

Project Status


Project Donor

the oPt Humanitarian Fund (oPt HF)

Project Partner

• Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU)

Project Location

Gaza Strip (An Nuseirat, Al Zahra (Madinat Ezahra) in Deir Al-Balah governorate, Wadi Gaza (Juhor ad Dik) in Gaza governorate, Um Al-Nnaser (Al Qaraya al Badawiya) in the North Gaza governorate and Rafah governorate, southern part of Gaza