Fields of Interventions

PHG has set its interventions in line with its strategy as well as responding to the emergency situation and drought.

  • Projects: This includes water resources development,unconventional water sources development includingwastewater treatment, integrated rural development andpoverty alleviation projects.
  • Training and capacity building: This includes training oflocal councils, women, new graduate engineers andtechnicians as well as building the capacity of grassrootsand small organizations.
  • Research and Studies: This includes joint research withlocal and international universities and institutions onvarious water and its related issues including policy issues.
  • Some research was donethrough supervising MSc and PhDstudents.
  • Awareness Rising
  • Lobby and Advocacy
  • Stakeholder involvement in water management
  • Participate in the national developmental activities
  • Participate in local and international conferences andmeetings
  • Food Security
  • Environment & Ecosystems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Agriculture