Mission, Vision & Strategic Directions


PHG strives to maintain its lead position in delivering quality and innovative actions that contributes to sustain local water and environmental resources and related ecosystems, foster the resilience and adaptation capacity of target people toward climate change, promote the right based approach to adequate water and sanitation as well as contributes to improve water, food and energy security for Palestinian men and women. Furthermore, to empower the local and vulnerable groups, including women, to participate in promoting good water governance.


Striving to achieve water and environmental justice for all Palestinian People.

Strategic Directions

  1. Promote the right to water, sanitation, food and energy for Palestinian Men and Women.
  2. Strengthen the resilience and adaptation capacity of Palestinian Men and women to coup with implications of climate variability and change.
  3. Building the capacity and empowering local, user and vulnerable groups (both men and women) to improve efficient water and sanitation management as well as good water governance.
  4. Promoting innovative actions as well as policy oriented research to contribute to the sustainability of water and environment and their related ecosystems in Palestine.