Board of Directors

The General Assembly elects a Board of Directors every three years. This board is responsible for implementing and following up the strategies and policies set by the General Assembly. This is essential for injecting new blood, which will be capable of providing proper policy guidance for PHG's future developments.

The Board of Directors is made up of: 

  1. Mr. George Michael Boutros OdehPresident
  2. Mr. Atta Hassan Barawi Abu RizkVice President
  3. Mr. Muammar Ali Orabi NakhlaTreasurer
  4. Ms. Dima Mohammed Youssef AminSecretary
  5. Mr. Jihad Abdel Hadi Mohamed MeshaalMember
  6. Ms. Rania Hani Mahmoud Qutteneh ShehabiMember
  7. Ms. Mirvat Rebhi Said Al - HusseiniMember