General Assembly

As PHG is found on the principle that citizens have the right to associate, its highest decision making authority belongs to group of professionals representing the local community, who are referred to by the General Assembly or Board of Trustees. Currently, PHG enjoys the services of 33 professionals who constitute the general assembly of the group. Their specializations cover a range of fields such as engineering, history, psychology, economics, science, and more. They provide PHG administration with policy guidelines and strategic guidance. In addition, they discuss and approve the annual administrative and financial report as well as the annual budget. The institute’s current general assembly includes but is not limited to the following members:

Mr. Ayman  Rabi

The Palestinian Hydrology Group

Mr. Marwan Ghanem

Birzeit University

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Tamimi

The Palestinian Hydrology Group

Mr. Muawiya al-Rimawi

Moror Center

Mr. George Odeh

Al - Diyar Engineering

Mr. Ahmed Soudi

Engineering Association

Mr. Hatem Gomaa

Madar Consulting

Mr. Adnan Shoukir

Bethlehem University

Mr. Mahmoud Abuallah

Al Manar Company

Mr. Abdul Karim Ashour

Reef Finance

Mr. Riyad Jneaneh

The Palestinian Hydrology Group

Mr. Maan Samara

An-Najah University

Ms. Sherine Zidane

Environment Quality Authority

Ms. Mervat Hosseini


Mr. Abdul Wahab Al Sabbagh

Al-Quds University

Mr. Ahmed Sourani


Mr. Nabil Tarzi

Ministry of Public Works & Housing

Mr. Atta Abu Rizk

Ministry of Telecom. & Information Technology

Ms. Amal al-Sabawi

HelpAge International

Mr. Sami Daoud

The Palestinian Hydrology Group

Ms. Haneen Zidan

Rural Women's Development Society

Mr. Nimer Dissi


Mr. Salam Hamdan

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Mr. Jihad Meshaal


Mr. Yousef Abu Mayla

Al-Azhar University Gaza

Mr. Muammar Arabi

Wattan TV

Mr. Ismail Daeik

Business Man

Ms. Dima Amin


Ms. Rania Katina


Ms. Aya Bessisi


Ms. Natasha Karmi

Negotiations Support Unit

Ms. Maha Shehadeh

Ramallah Municipality

Ms. Maha Aman Allah