We at PHG welcome your contributions and efforts to further our mission in the sustainable development of the water sector in Palestine and help spread awareness of the Palestinian water cause abroad. Some suggestions of what you can do include:

Contribute Materials To Our Website

If you have any material that you feel would be of value to other colleagues in the sector or any information that could be interesting please e-mail us at the address below.

Advocate For Palestinian Water Rights In Your Home Country

Sample Presentations that could help you advocate for Palestinian water rights at home

Water In The West Bank and Gaza
Sanitation in the West Bank and Gaza

For more materials and updates that you could use for activities you intend to carry out please contact us (information at the bottom of this page).

Opportunities For Internships And Hosting

PHG has always welcomed the participation of researchers, students and groups interested in water issues in Palestine. Numerous undergraduate and graduate students both local and international have been hosted and trained by the Organization under several capacity building initiatives. We provide a good environment for research and mobilize our facilities for the purpose. To check out any hosting possibilities or advice please contact us.

Would Your Organization Like To Join Efforts With PHG?

Does your organization see common values and interests with PHG? If yes, feel free to let us know as we are always enthusiastic to partner up with organizations locally and globally.

Contact Information

E-mail:  info@phg.org
Tel:  +972 2 2966315
Fax:  +972 2 2966319