What would you do?

You are a farmer that has lived in an area all your life cultivating the land that you have inherited from your ancestors. For years the area has been zeroed in by settlements being built illegally on confiscated land. Suddenly the area has been declared as a natural reserve by Israeli Forces cutting off your sole income source. What would you do?
  •  Move away without any struggle
  •  Ask for compensation for the land
  •  Resist, seeking legal aid from the PA and Organizations working in the sector

What do you think?

Do you think that the number of water and environmental studies graduates?


Quiz me!!

Which of these Palestinian governorates has the highest per capita consumption rates in the West Bank?

What is/are the causes of the current deterioration of the Coastal Aquifer in the Gaza Strip?

How many Artesian Wells were confiscated by the Apartheid Wall?

What is the Natural Resource supplying Jericho city and its surrounding camps with drinking water?

What is the average daily per capita consumption for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip knowing that the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization is a daily 100 liters per person?

According to Amnesty International’s report “ Troubled Waters: Palestinians denied fair access to water”, how much of Gaza’s water was considered polluted and unfit for human consumption?

Which Palestinian Institution or Body is responsible for the regulation and monitoring of the water sector?

What percentage of Palestinian domestic water supply is purchased from Israeli company “Mekorot”?

You answered From correct