Mission, Vision & Objectives


PHG is a nongovernment organization strives to maintain its lead position in delivering quality and innovative actions that contributes to sustain local water and environmental resources and related ecosystems, builds local human capacity and ensures just allocation of water and sanitation services as well as improves water, food and energy security for all Palestinian communities. Furthermore, to promote gender mainstreaming and empowers the vulnerable groups, including women, to participate in decision making and to promote the right to water and good water governance.


PHG's vision is to strive to achieve water and environmental justice for all Palestinian People.


  • Contribute to building effective civil society and to ensure equity and the involvement of marginalized groups, specifically women in decision-making and promote good governance especially in water sector.
  • Work to achieve sustainable and integrated management of water resources and the environment in Palestine
  • Adopt water as a human right principle to achieve just an equitable distribution of water sources and improve water and sanitation services for the Palestinian communities
  • Establish partnerships and alliances with various sectors and relevant authorities in the areas of research and implementation to ensure the development of the water sector.
  • Training and preparation of qualified technical staff able to manage and operate water facilities on a sustainable basis.