Founded in 1987, the Palestinian Hydrology Group – Palestine (PHG) is a nongovernmental organization and an independent specialized institution dedicated to develop and protect the water and environmental resources; to insure more public accessibility to adequate water supply sources and sanitary conditions; and to develop a proper information systems and technologies including GIS. Given the rapidly deteriorating water situation in the West Bank and... Read More

Our Experiences

PHG has carried out many activities, which contributed to improve water and sanitation services in the Palestinian communities.


The project is aiming at increasing the availability of water, augmenting storage capacity,  and  increasing  access  of  poor  vulnerable Bedouin households near Um Safa Community, to water  through constructing  new  cisterns,...

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Food Security

The aim of the project is to reduce the serious problems to access water that 140 right holders (69 women and girls, 71 men and boys) are facing daily, in a critical situation in Sarta, a small Palestinian village located in Salfit Governorate, in the West Bank. The aim of the project...

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This programme is aiming to improve efficient collective water resource management and increase inclusive access to water resources to enhance the productivity of the agricultural lands in part of the West Bank Governarates (Ramallah, Hebron, Jericho, Jenin, Tul Karm and Qalqilya) through...

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Renewable Energy

The project was implemented in El Qaria ElBadwia and Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, as well as Wadi El-Salqa area in the Middle area in addition to Rafah and Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, where the supply and install 70 biogas units for 70 families in addition to the supply and...

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Research & Studies

There is currently a chronic and very marked crisis in access to water by Palestinian communities, especially those living in Area C, under Israeli administrative and military control following the Oslo (1993) agreements, with a scarce and unequal access to water resources, which continues to...

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Training, Awareness-raising & Capacity-building

The main objective of this assignment is to institutionalize citizen engagement and social accountability in municipal governorate. This objective will be achieved through increasing the awareness among decision makers in LGUs, building the capacity of LGUs employees in applying social...

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Our Reach....

Since 1987, PHG works in 16 Governorates within the occupied Palestinian territories to support over 600 Rural and Bedouin communities in need for development and humanitarian-aid projects.

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Tulkarm Agriculture Directorate honors PHG

Today, a delegation from Tulkarm Agricultural...

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